ABOUT US One of the importancesof any website or business is to bring your products orervices to the right peopleand to reach the target audience.There are a number of different distribution channels available on the Internet which could be utilisiedefficiently to the benefits of your company.We have watched and witnessed the growthof the Internet over the recent years andwhile everyone knows the traditional online distribution channels such as newsletters,and electronic press releases, it is time tohave a look at some unconventional channels of distribution on the web                               read more A Few Words Abou us Our team has highly qualified professionals  as lawyers, doctors, marketing experts,  financial specialists. Thanks to the experience on these different areas during the years we built up a close link,a strong liaison on various  specialties FAQ Information about:  Products  Prices  Conditions of distribution  Featured Services,Quest of new products, get them across to local organizations,make them meet the registering requirements and launch them on  the market. read more         Our professional servicesThe management's combined skills cover awide range of activitiesin various business fieldsfrom managing retail to international business developmen What we offering